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On to 2013 . . .

Wow – the last month has been a blur. Lots of weddings going out the door, revisiting our weddings from this fall and filming several weddings in the midst of all this. Just before Christmas we had a beautiful wedding at the Milestone in Denton. The rain stayed away right until the final exit, when the skies opened – just as everyone was about to light their sparklers – and it immediately started downpouring. You can see some of photographer Jennefer Hutto’s gorgeous photos from Megan and Tyler’s wedding here. We rounded out 2012 with Stephen and Reena’s big bash at the Marriot in Plano, which featured one of the best choreographed bridal party/family/friends dances we’ve seen and a party that had guests dancing past 1am!

Our first “shoot” of 2013 was a surprise proposal. Hats off to Shawn for all his work – he put in so much planning to make everything perfect for Ashley and hopefully we’ll get a chance to share their sweet little highlight – it’s so cute!. Our first wedding of 2013 was the polar opposite of our last wedding in 2012. Kerri and Jase (who met doing the rodeo in high school!) had an awesome, ‘cowboy-chic wedding’ in the Fort Worth Stockyards. Here is Jase hanging out with Brennel the longhorn.

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. . . . . . . . . . . . .

We are down to the final week for our Kickstarter campaign and we continue to be blown away by the response. We could not be more thankful for the donations, kind words, and those who have shared this story. When we decided to take a chance on Kickstarter, coming up with a funding goal was one of our biggest challenges. We knew if we could at least raise $12,000 we’d have enough funding for a second filming trip – this time likely to Walter Reed Hospital in Maryland. Along with some additional interviewing with the Mills family, we plan to film reenactments for several pivotal moments in Sgt. Travis Mills’ story and, if possible, speak with a handful of individuals who have played important roles in his life these last nine months. We also plan to use additional post-production assistance to prep Sgt. Mills’ film for a big screen premiere – currently slated for April. It’s a lot to put together in just a few months but the funds from Kickstarter are making this all possible. If you are still interested in giving or would like to increase your donation, you may do so before Saturday (Jan. 19th) at 4:00pm. Donations are accepted in any dollar amount and donations $25 and above will receive some nifty gifts as a thank-you 🙂

Last Thursday we celebrated a very amazing and unexpected opportunity for Fotolanthropy and Sgt. Mills’ film. Fotolanthropy founder and friend Katie Norris was interviewed live for both Fox News Happening Now and Fox Business. You can check out both interviews here. I have no idea how Katie did it – I would have fainted the second they told me I was ‘live’ but she did an excellent job. Her husband Reece and Fotolanthropy partner Brooke threw a wonderful celebration get-together that night, and we are so thankful for the family of friends God continues to bless us with here in Texas when we are so far away from our own.
Dallas Wedding Cinematographer, Dallas Wedding Films, Dallas Wedding Videographer, Dallas Wedding Videography, Fort Worth Wedding Cinematographer, Fort Worth Wedding Films, Fort Worth Wedding Videographer, Fort Worth Wedding Videography

I have to admit that these last few months have not come without several challenges. Fitting in Travis’s film has kept us extremely busy with our wedding editing – so much so that we were unable to go to Wisconsin for Christmas this year. By New Years we were both pretty exhausted – both physically and emotionally – so seeing our business on a national news channel was a much-needed spirit boost.
Dallas Wedding Cinematographer, Dallas Wedding Films, Dallas Wedding Videographer, Dallas Wedding Videography, Fort Worth Wedding Cinematographer, Fort Worth Wedding Films, Fort Worth Wedding Videographer, Fort Worth Wedding Videography

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Finishing up two gorgeous ‘Behind the Scenes’ videos for Brides of North Texas magazine – be sure to check out the new issue when it hits newsstands next month – and have several more of our fall weddings to share with you this week. Congrats go out to Brandon and Kalee Blythe on the birth of Ellie Grace. We have their super-cute story video and Ellie’s film debut to share with you in a few weeks. Belated congrats also go out to one of our brides, Taylor, who got to marry husband Robert again – this time for the gorgeous cover-shoot, by Dallas photographer Ryan Ray, for Southern Weddings magazine!

Dallas Wedding Cinematographer, Dallas Wedding Films, Dallas Wedding Videographer, Dallas Wedding Videography, Fort Worth Wedding Cinematographer, Fort Worth Wedding Films, Fort Worth Wedding Videographer, Fort Worth Wedding Videography

(credit: Southern Wedding Magazine/iloveswmag.com)

You or someone you know get engaged over the holidays?

We still have several great dates open for 2013 so contact us soon if you’re looking to capture everything about your big day on film!


Elaine & Adam – Sneak Peek | Jonathon Link Studios | Dallas Wedding Videographer

Dallas Wedding Cinematographer, Dallas Wedding Films, Dallas Wedding Videographer, Dallas Wedding Videography, Fort Worth Wedding Cinematographer, Fort Worth Wedding Films, Fort Worth Wedding Videographer, Fort Worth Wedding Videography" alt="Dallas Wedding Cinematographer, Dallas Wedding Films, Dallas Wedding Videographer, Dallas Wedding Videography, Fort Worth Wedding Cinematographer, Fort Worth Wedding Films, Fort Worth Wedding Videographer, Fort Worth Wedding VideographyAdam and Elaine are both extremely laid-back. We had the opportunity to film a story video with them and it is clear they both just like to have a good time and have fun together. But I think we really of fell in love with them on their wedding day.

One thing that caught us off guard was Adam tearing up when Elaine entered the courtyard with her mom. Of course we know Adam loves Elaine – it would be pretty impossible not to love Elaine. She is one of the sweetest people and obviously very beautiful. But up until this point we had never seen that kind of emotion from him. I have a feeling it’s something most people have never seen from him and it was so special to see how much he truly treasures Elaine in his life.

When Elaine told us there would probably be more people around the bar than in the ballroom at their reception, we initially thought she was mostly joking. But it was true – the bar and hallway was the most happening place to be at their reception, although Adam and Elaine did sneak in once and while to share a few dances.

Jordan Payne Events did a fabulous job with the decor, floral and coordination – as always. It is so nice to work with planners who actually communicate with the other wedding vendors, instead of leaving us guessing as to the exact moment cake-cutting is happening or where on the dance floor someone is going to give their speech. There are several planners (who we’d be happy to recommend) that we really do breathe a sigh of relief when the bride says his/her name at our initial consultation.

This was our first time working with Perez Photography and we hope it’s not the last. Cesar and Tanya are both so nice, and they work so quietly and efficiently they blend right in. If you’re a photographer, I’m sure showing up to shoot a wedding with a videographer you’ve never seen can be a little cringe-inducing, wondering if we’re going to do ballerina twirls through all their pictures. But we had a fun time shooting together. Their photos capture gorgeous, vibrant color – we’d definitely recommend if you’re looking for a photographer – Perez Weddings.


UPDATE – Travis: A Soldier’s Story

Travis Mills


Wow. Just two weeks after launching, we have already reached almost 90% of our original funding goal. This is just simply amazing to us and has exceeded any expectations we had. We are so grateful for the outpouring of support towards this film. Initially I don’t think we expected to receive the level of donations we have over the last few weeks. We wanted to launch before Christmas but we knew – understandably – everyone is SOOOOO busy trying to shop, wrap, bake, travel and visit between Christmas and New Years, we were a little timid about asking people to pay attention and donate to a film project. We figured we’d wait on tooting horns about it until after New Years. The response to Travis’s story has been incredible – including so much going on behind the scenes and some exciting possibilities popping up later next week we’ll share more about as they continue to develop.

We’d like to thank anyone who has made a donation towards this project. If you are still interested in making a donation, donations will be accepted through January 19th. You can also make changes to existing donations if you happen to discover “Santa” didn’t reach into your bank account as much as you thought he was going to. Donations start at just $1 and you can also get some fun gifts. Giving will stay open for two more weeks, even once our original goal is met, and ALL donations go directly towards the film’s production. We want to do everything we can and exhaust all resources we have to make this film the best we can. Donations can be made by visiting the Kickstarter link above, right below the photo. You can also read more about the project and our goals with this funding. We also really want to emphasize that even if you’re short on funds, your encouragement, prayers, and sharing this project with others mean just as much to us!

For Jon and I, Travis’s Kickstarter project has really been the one thing that has helped us survive this holiday season. We had two weddings right after Christmas and lots of catching-up on editing to do, so we weren’t able to go home to Wisconsin for Christmas this year. But in the midst of late nights and early mornings, it has been so encouraging to see the support and kind words Travis’s story has received. There is such an amazing community out there all rallying around Travis and his family and it is so neat to see how they have welcomed us in and shown us the same support.

We’d also sincerely like to thank our clients and their families. We’ve had the opportunity to be a part of some amazing weddings this fall and they have all graciously been extremely patient on their previews as we abruptly flew out to NC to film Travis’s story, organized his project and prepped for a last-minute Kickstarter launch. There are lots of happy tears, gorgeous ceremonies and funny dancing about to flood the blog and we can’t wait to share!



Travis: a Soldier’s Story

Many of you are probably wondering where we went. In the world of blogging and Facebook, we’ve largely been silent for most of the fall. In the midst of a wedding schedule booked solid the last four months, we’ve had something we’ve been so anxiously waiting to share – our newest Fotolanthropy story, the story of Travis.

When Katie approached us in October about filming Travis’s story, we will admit it came with much excitement, but also much hesitation on our end. While we absolutely love every Fotolanthropy project we get to be a part of, to say we are busy on the wedding side of our business is an understatement. Because Travis was going to be returning to Walter Reed Hospital in a few weeks for continued rehabilitation, the interview had to be filmed in the next few days.

As Jon frantically worked to finish what other edits he could and prep for this trip, I tried to help research for the shoot by combing through as much of the information on Travis’s website as possible. It’s sprinkled with pictures of Travis, Kelsey, their daughter Chloe and their families. There is the story of how Travis was injured and the rehabilitation process he is currently going through. There is also a page with a long list of links to various news articles about Travis and videos of news interviews he has done. I copied down a huge list of quotes from friends, former teachers and Travis himself and attempted to construct a timeline of events for Travis since April. And then I started watching the videos . . .

The very first clip I watched was a Fox News interview Travis did alone. Before he even answers the first question you see Travis’s signature smile, and immediately I was captivated. I watched this guy smile, laugh, crack jokes and give the most honest, down-to-earth, matter-of-fact answers to each question the reporter asked. And that’s when I knew – no matter how far behind this put us, no matter how much time it took up – we had to do this project.

Jon and I could tell you how amazing Travis’s story is, how absolutely humbling his attitude is and how inspiring this whole family is, but our words would never be enough. Instead we would like you to really meet Travis and hear him tell his own story, so we are taking this film beyond just the pages of blogs and YouTube and making it into a short documentary film. We believe Travis’s story has the power to inspire all of us, and bring hope and healing to other soldiers who have so bravely fought for their country and now fight for their physical and emotional health at home.

We are using a fundraising platform called Kickstarter. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Kickstarter, it is a website where people can pledge funding – in any amount – towards many different films, books, and other various community art projects. Each project sets a fundraising goal and pledges are only collected if a project reaches (or exceeds) its fundraising goal.


All money raised is going towards the production and sharing of Travis’s film. Currently, all travel and production costs associated with the initial part of this project have been financed completely out of pocket. We would like to do everything we possibly can to make Travis’s film amazing and share his story with as many people as possible. With this goal in mind, we would like to visit Travis and Kelsey again for additional interviews and footage, as well as utilize other post-production assistance to really help us take the film to the next level. We are also planning a theatrical premier for Travis’s film in Dallas, hopefully later this spring.

Our hope is that rather than merely soliciting large donations, we can achieve our goal through the small donations of many. No gift is too small and we appreciate any gift you are able to contribute, and most importantly your prayers and willingness to share this story with others.

To watch the trailer at our Kickstarter page – http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/fotolanthropy/travis-a-soldiers-story

If you are interested in more information about this film project or are interested in becoming a sponsor, you can contact Katie Norris, Fotolanthropy Founder, at info@fotolanthropy.com


Erin & John – Sneak Peek | Jonathon Link Studios | Milwaukee Wedding Videographer

We had so much fun at Ryan & Rebecca’s wedding in Milwaukee last fall, we were instantly IN when Ryan’s sister, Erin, asked us to film her wedding. And when she told us it was going to be at Blue Harbor Resort on Lake Michigan, well, that only sealed the deal.

Blue Harbor is a special place for us. We used to go there for lunch or just walks along the beach when we lived in Milwaukee. It’s a beautiful place, but not overly-fancy so that it doesn’t feel relaxing. Being away from the lake is one of the more difficult parts about living in Texas, and we were looking forward to this wedding from the day Erin first called. And remembering all the Fekete’s from Ryan and Rebecca’s wedding – we knew we could count on some good reception footage. (So that’s right Nathan Fekete – don’t even try to run from us. We will be at your wedding someday, even if we have to crash it.)

We were taken aback at how filled with emotion Erin and John’s wedding was. Their vows were so sweet – with a few laughs mixed in – and there were so many cute comments John made to Erin throughout the day, we didn’t have room for them all in their highlight. The speeches at their reception were just as emotional.

How awesome is Mr. Fekete’s comment to John when he gives Erin away? I would imagine every father of the bride hopes he can say that – so special to know you’re giving your daughter away to a guy who just loves her to pieces. John is definitely a guy’s guy who likes to have fun (as anyone who attended the post-rehearsal dinner festivities can attest to), but he also treats Erin like an absolute princess. And seeing them both with their daughter Ava is just too precious.

We had fun working with Katie Garder of Love, Katie Photography. She took so many beautiful pictures on the lake and she is super sweet. (P.S. – If you’re Katie’s wedding videographer and you’re reading this . . in the words of Antoine Dodson: “You don’t have to come and confess what you did. We lookin’ fo you! We gonna find you!!”)