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Adventures in Filmmaking – Travis: A Soldier’s Story

Earlier this month it looked like we would probably be waiting until April to finish our filming with Travis and Kelsey. While we did breathe a slight sigh of relief – knowing we had plenty to keep us busy – we knew this meant we would not be able to premier in April like we had hoped. Then, about 2 and a half weeks ago, we found out Travis and Kelsey were actually going to be able to come to Dallas – the very first weekend in March.

Oh my – we were so excited . . . but then it dawned on us that we were going to have to figure out how to make Dallas look like Afghanistan. And reenact real life scenarios that involve helicopters, guns, explosions and hospitals – and we had about two weeks to secure everything.

We continue to be amazed and truly humbled by the support and donations people have given for this film. LensRentals.com has gracious offered us a discount on some sweet film gear. We will be filming on the RED Epic M, along with a Schneider Cine-Xenar 50mm lens and a few of our own lenses mixed in. For those of you not familiar with film gear, this is a true motion picture quality film camera, with which several large box-office movies have been filmed. Puts our Canon DSLRs to shame – but it’s okay little Canons, we still love you. Here’s Jon getting the camera gear yesterday. Like a kid on Christmas morning . . . (FedEx guy was very confused about why I was filming him.)

One of the coolest and most unexpected developments last week was finding out two of the fellow soldiers injured in Travis’s accident, as well as two of the original flight medics, were interested in coming to Dallas for the filming. A man who is part of VeteranAirLift.org is going to fly up the east cost to pick up these soldiers and fly them to Dallas. Wow.

Katie and Brooke (of Fotolanthropy) may not technically be film producers but they could have fooled us. They have been doing so much research, planning and making phone calls in these last few weeks – in the midst of taking FOTOstrap to Imaging USA, launching on Adorama and then heading to WPPI in a few weeks. Their work in securing locations, equipment and other details has been remarkable. We still have a few needs – which can be found below – to help assist the soldiers and crew while they are in town. We know they are going to be working hard and we want to make this a fun experience for everyone. If you or someone you know may be able to help in one of these areas, please contact Katie at info@fotolanthropy.com. All donations will be given credit in the film.

Can you help?
– Breakfast brought/delivered to site for Soldiers/Crew in Desoto TX March 2nd
– Dinner brought/delivered to site for Soldiers/Crew in Irving TX March 2nd
– 2 Hotel Rooms for 4 Soldiers in Frisco TX
– Shuttle Bus for Saturday March 2nd to transport all soldiers and gear. (pickup in Frisco in the morning)

We are also so thankful to our own friends Zach, Ryan, Brian and Jordan for all their amazing help in the – extememly brief! – planning phase for this film. This would not be possible without their help and we are so appreciative of their time in assisting us with planning and filming what would normally involve a much larger team of people. We had a great meeting at our house Monday evening and finally had a chance to view the rough storyline of the film in its entirety. It’s really exciting to see how close we really are and we can’t wait to see how everything looks with the footage from this weekend.

Of course, our most important need this week is your prayers. As you can imagine, this is no ordinary film shoot. What would normally be spaced out over a couple of weeks, we are trying to make happen in just a few days. We are also recreating extremely complex and emotional events with the people who actually experienced them. We have been given an amazing opportunity but it comes with such incredible responsibility – we want this film to be truly inspiring to others and to honor all that Travis and his fellow soliders have done for us – and continue to do for us every day. We greatly appreciate your prayers this week as we begin filming.

The best way to stay up to date with behind-the-scenes photos from our filming, is by following “Fotolanthropy” on Twitter and liking “Fotolanthropy” on Facebook (you can click on the icons below to be directed to each of these). We’ll try to post a few things on our Facebook page as well.


Devin & Jessica – Sneak Peek | Jonathon Link Studios | Lubbock Wedding Videographer

Dallas Wedding Videographers, Dallas Wedding Films, Dallas Wedding Videography, Dallas Wedding Cinematography, Fort Worth Wedding Videographers, Fort Worth Wedding Films, Fort Worth Wedding Videography, Fort Worth Wedding CinematographyDevin and Jessica’s wedding was our first trip out to Lubbock, TX and the campus of Texas Tech. We passed at least one million wind turbines on the way there, but it was well worth the drive. The campus of Texas Tech is quite beautiful. There was so much more filming and exploring we wanted to do around campus in the early mornings – we wish we would have had a few more days. And that stadium – dang! Devin and Jessica have some super-cute engagement pictures they had taken inside the stadium and next time we’re in Lubbock we want in too!

Devin and Jessica are also among the first couples to get married at the campus’s new Kent R. Hance Chapel, and they accessorized in true Red Raider style – red florals, with small hints of black. The inside of the chapel is pretty much a blank canvas – so whether you want to go fancy, or keep things simple and casual – you can pretty much make it what you want. And just in case you had any doubt about where Devin and Jessica’s colligate loyalties lie, you need only look at their groom’s cake – which was a giant replica of the stadium, complete with their picture on the jumbo-tron.

Not only did Jessica and Devin do a first look, they did ALL their portraits (including family) before the ceremony. I know this is a sticky point for some couples but it really just adds so much more variety to the pictures and footage. We have oodles of other cute moments we couldn’t fit into the sneak peek, and the best part is as soon as Devin and Jessica walked down the aisle they we able to head right over to their reception to celebrate . . .although they kindly allowed us to grab them a little later for a few sunset shots in front of the stadium.

For Jessica and Devin’s wedding we worked along side Ginger Ivey. She was super-fun – love shooting with photographers you can just easily work together with, enjoy the wedding and share some laughs. I am also semi-obsessed with her children’s hair (Her two boys have bright red curly mops – they are adorable!).

We head back to Lubbock in a few months for another wedding and we can’t wait to revisit parts of the campus we weren’t able to film the first time.


Alexi & Jessica – Highlight | Jonathon Link Studios | Dallas Wedding Videographer

Dallas Wedding Videographers, Dallas Wedding Films, Dallas Wedding Videography, Dallas Wedding Cinematography, Fort Worth Wedding Videographers, Fort Worth Wedding Films, Fort Worth Wedding Videography, Fort Worth Wedding CinematographyIn the spirit of Valentine’s Day, there could not be a more perfect time to share Alexi and Jessica’s sneak peek . . .

Knowing Jessica and Alexi’s story and filming their wedding, I think the question popped into my head multiple times “Is this real life?” Beautiful bride with movie star looks. Handsome groom with a foreign accent that will make you weak in knees – whether he’s talking about love or car parts. Both with the sweetest and most caring personalities. Both with an unbreakable faith in God. And both hopelessly in love with the other. It’s a story that spans the globe. It’s a commitment that has been tested by time and distance. And it is a love that every person dreams about.

This is the type of love we’re told only exists in the movies. Men with such chivalry and openness like this don’t exist. That’s a trait of the past, right? Women this beautiful can’t possibly be so kind and sweet on the inside too, right?

While in college in Arkansas, Jessica decided to study abroad for a semester in Australia. But just as she was prepping to leave, she was told there had been a mix up with her housing paperwork and she wouldn’t be able to live where she was originally planning to stay near school. She ended up having to stay in an apartment complex much further from school. Not exactly the news you look forward to hearing right before moving across the ocean for six months. However, there just happened to be a very nice, very cute Russian boy living in that same apartment complex. And what at first seemed like a terrible mix up, soon turned into an appointment with destiny.

Yet, the best love stories are those in which the the two main characters also have to face incredible obstacles. In Jessica and Alexi’s case – that obstacle was the ocean. After six months of spending every day together, Jessica had to return to the states, while Alexi was still overseas. But Jessica knew this was it – Alexi was “the one” she had been waiting for, and so began a worldwide love story of trips to the other side of the world and airport terminals filled with hello kisses and goodbye tears.

Their wedding day was so beautiful. I could go on about the beautiful floral from Bella Flora, how perfect Jessica’s dress was and how amazing their tented reception was – with oodles of vintage touches, all pulled-together by Jessica. But what I want more for someone seeing their film to believe – especially young girls still waiting for their prince charming – is that he DOES exist. He is out there – that person you’ve always dreamed of. He just might not be in the more obvious places you’re expecting him to be – your school, your job, your group of friends. Meeting him might take you on a long journey, one that seems frustrating and at times even hopeless. But love – TRUE love – is patient.

We had so much fun shooting with Stephanie Parsley and her team. She rocked every part of the day – and they drove all the way back to Arkansas right after the reception. Rockstars! This was also our first wedding with DFW Events. My hat goes off to planners – especially when you’ve planned an entire outdoor reception and the sky decides to add a few sprinkles – with a late-night thunderstorm forecast – to your plans. Heather was multi-tasking on her cell phone, trying to reorganize the tent Plan B and coordinate her team of assistants, all while helping Jessica lace up the corset on her dress. But everything turned out fantastic!


Doug & Michele – Sneak Peek | Jonathon Link Studios | Dallas Wedding Videographer

Dallas Wedding Cinematographer, Dallas Wedding Films, Dallas Wedding Videographer, Dallas Wedding Videography, Fort Worth Wedding Cinematographer, Fort Worth Wedding Films, Fort Worth Wedding Videographer, Fort Worth Wedding VideographyWhen Mrs. Jones called us about doing her son Doug’s wedding, I will admit I was struggling to put a face with Doug’s name. I kept replaying her daughter Jordan’s highlight reels over and over in my head – we were able to get so much fun footage of both their families at their reception – but for some reason I just couldn’t remember Doug until I finally went through the family photo footage. “Oh – that’s Doug. He must be really quiet and shy,” I thought.

I can only laugh at that now. Doug is a lot of things but it’s definitely not quiet and shy – at least not in the timid sense. Mrs. Jones later explained to me that Doug simply preferred to keep his presence low-key that evening – it was Andy & Jordan’s day to shine . . .and he knew his day would come.

We scheduled a quick consultation with Doug and Michele. They were coming from work so Doug arrived first. We chatted for a bit and as I started to get a sense of Doug’s personality, I tried to envision Michele in my mind. You know how there are some women who can just look effortlessy beautiful? They really need no make-up and can throw on anything from the J.Crew catalogue and instantly look amazing. That is Michele.

Doug and Michele’s wedding took us to Nacagdoches for the first time. It is a quaint little Texas city with a cute, old-fashioned downtown. Their wedding was held at the Jones House Bed & Breakfast – it was the perfect setting for them. The front porch was great for pictures and white chairs filled the front lawn for their sunset ceremony. It happened to be Halloween weekend as well, and it was so cute to see parents walking downtown with their kids, all dressed up.

Sometimes I think brides lose themselves a little on their wedding day. I love seeing them transform into beautiful princesses once they get into their dress but sometimes I think a part of them gets lost under all the make-up and fluff. What I loved about Michele’s entire wedding ensemble is that she still looked like Michelle. Her make-up was beautiful but natural, her hair was gorgeous but not too over-done, and her dress was amazing but classic – and all together Michele made it look effortless.

My favorite receptions are the ones where the bride, groom and both of their families barely leave the dance floor. I thought it was going to be hard to top Andy & Jordan’s reception but Doug & Michelle’s easily matched it. The big open space of the Mast Hall downtown, decorated with understated, rustic touches, was perfect for all the dancing – which was entertaining to say the least. Doug and Michele soaked up every minute of it before driving off in a vintage, red Mustang.


Mylee’s 3rd Birthday

Dallas Wedding Cinematographer, Dallas Wedding Films, Dallas Wedding Videographer, Dallas Wedding Videography, Fort Worth Wedding Cinematographer, Fort Worth Wedding Films, Fort Worth Wedding Videographer, Fort Worth Wedding VideographyLast summer we had a former bride, Beth, asked us to film her son’s first birthday party. We thought that sounded like a fun little shoot but I didn’t realize how much I was going to fall in love with these little projects until I put Wesley’s birthday highlight together. Jon and I are not parents, but I so loved that simple little video (I still watch it once in a while when I’m having a bad day). I can only imagine how much more precious it was to our bride and groom.

So I was so excited when Beth’s family photography, Kendra Trevino, called us about doing Mylee’s third birthday party. The theme was Dora and Kendra really went all out for this party. Not only were there Dora decorations everywhere, there were also so many pictures of Mylee – from her first days in the hospital nursery to a recent shoot she had done especially for her birthday. Outside there was a huge, bounce castle, as well as face-painting and plenty of fun fiesta goodies.

Mylee was so excited to find out Dora visited her party, but . . . I think ‘real-life’ Dora was a little taller and a little more intimidating than she seems on tv. I don’t think she was quite ready the jump into Dora’s arms and be best friends with her just yet. Mylee kindly allowed Dora into the party but she kept at least one eye on her at all times, making sure she wasn’t going try anything.

So glad we could be a part of this day. I think the idea of two videographers (as well as a photographer) running around an at home birthday party seemed a little peculiar to the guests at first but I think they will really enjoy this fun memory celebrating Mylee 🙂