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Casen’s First Birthday | Jonathon Link Studios | Dallas Family Films

A couple of months ago I received an email from a mom, Ashley, asking about filming her son Casen’s first birthday party. We’ve done a few of these parties in the last year and they have been such a special treat for me. The date of Casen’s party happened to coincide with our biggest shoot day for Travis Mills’ documentary film; but as soon as I visited Casen’s Facebook support page – Prayers for Casen – and saw his sweet little face, I knew I couldn’t pass this up.

At just six months old, Casen was diagnosed with Stage 3B Neuroblastoma and immediately began chemotherapy. On January 17, 2013, after months of treatment, Casen was officially cancer-free – so you can imagine just how especially meaningful and emotional his first birthday was.

As predicted, Casen is even cuter in person. He’s so calm and chill (or at least he faked it well at his party 🙂 ) and just enjoyed being passed around for snuggles and hugs. He wasn’t a huge fan of getting too messy with his cake frosting, but after a few nibbles he seemed to warm up to it. It’s clear from his party he already has a few baby girlfriend admirers.

I loved this song because I thought of Ashley as soon as I heard it. It perfectly describes the love and dedication she has for Casen and the way she cherishes each and every moment with him. Being a mom is a challenging job in and of itself. I can’t imagine what it’s like to see your sweet baby going through chemo treatments, experiencing many of those fun first-year baby milestones in a hospital bed, nervously waiting on each new round of test results, and dealing with unpredictable late-night trips to the hospital.

Anyone who has a friend or loved one who has battled cancer knows that “canecr-free” is a term used with much caution. Although Casen’s current tests continue to show no signs of cancer, there are still unknown illnesses and surprise trips to the hospital as the result of Casen’s treatment and related procedures. Please keep Casen, Ashley and their family in your prayers. You can follow Casen’s journey and share words of encouragement for Casen and Ashley on his Facebook support page – Prayers for Casen.

Casen’s custom birthday t-shirt was made by Jodi Pierce of ‘3 Charms Boutique’ https://www.facebook.com/3CharmsBoutique

Birthday banner photo by Kendra Trevino of KT Photography – www.ktphotographyspot.com

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Susan Barre - Loved the “Casen” video…wonderful job. Could you please tell me who is singing on the video?

Many thanks,

Kristin - Thank you Susan 🙂 the singer is Dara McClean and I believe the name of the song is “What Love Is”

Brandy - Beautiful

Steven & Reena | Jonathon Link Studios | Dallas Wedding Videographer

There is nothing I treasure more than when we get to film weddings of couples who we know are going to be amazing examples of marriage to others. They are the couples I can meet at our consultations and witness their weddings and already see into their future – their kids, their family, their story.

Steven and Reena are one of those couples. Not only are they a good-looking, but it was obvious from all the words said about them throughout their wedding day that they have prepared for marriage with much thought and dedication, and that many others look to them as examples. They have been great leaders, siblings, and friends, and I already know they are going to be great parents.

Everything about Steven and Reena’s day was very meaningful. I love how each of the families gather with the couple to pray before they prepare for their ceremony. It creates this amazing sense of calm that is hard to find on almost any wedding. The ceremony at Custer Road UMC was pretty impressive and it was fun to see all of the different elements of their ceremony.

There’s your normal party bus, and then there’s Steven and Reena’s PARTY bus. Were it not for all the guests I’m pretty sure you could have a decent reception just in their party bus. Flashing lights, lasers, smoke machine, drinks, loud music – I think we could have made a pretty decent highlight of just the bus!

You know you both have awesome family and friends when they all perform a surprise choreographed dance for you at your reception. And you know you’ve snagged yourself a pretty cool husband when he follows up the surprise family dance with his own surprise dance with his groomsmen for you. And this was not just dances thrown together in the corner of the lobby right before the reception was about to start – this was legit! I could tell people had been practicing for quite some time! (or at least they fooled me)

Around 10:00 it was looking like things were winding down, but apparently that was just everyone resting up for the real party. Everyone’s dancing kicked into high gear around 11:00 and it never stopped. The party was still going strong 1am and showed no signs of stopping!


Alan & Kali | Jonathon Link Studios | Dallas Wedding Videographer

Alan and Kali actually live just a few blocks from Jon and I. Kali is the perfect example of a bride who really put a lot of thought into all the different aspects of her wedding and what her priorities were. There were a lot of details she pulled together herself and she decided to forego flowers in favor of bling and candles. She picked an excellent and super-fun photographer, and she also chose to do a story film with us – not because she wanted something flashy to show at the reception but just because she thought it would be fun to capture their story together. Everything really came together beautifully for their wedding day – including the weather.

Alan is quiet and laid back, but he definitely knows how to approach situations thinking about what Kali would desire. For their engagement he set up a mock family photoshoot, which Kali spent weeks emailing with Alan’s other family members to plan outfits and what time everyone needed to show up. She was so excited her and Alan were the first to show up at the shoot, little did she realize it was all a plan for Alan to propose. While the photographer back away to “check her settings and lighting”, Alan got down on one knee and completely surprised Kali. It’s this same thoughtfulness that was so apparent on Alan and Kali’s wedding day as well. Alan just really appreciates the practical ways that Kali impacts his life and how she cares fore him.

Kali added lots of fun touches to her details. She used peacock feathers and animal prints to dress up the entry tables, and to add some detail to front of the church which she lined with candles. She also had everyone bring a broach to her bridal shower and those were used to construct her bouquet and the groomsmen’s boutonnieres.

Kali had mentioned she wasn’t using a local photographer for her wedding so we were excited to meet someone new. We weren’t at the church long before in walk two of the most spunky, fun ladies we’ve ever met. Julie Paisley is based in Florida (although she’s quite the jet-setter), while Spanki Mills is based in Houston. All we have to say is that we are very sad they aren’t in business together and officing in Dallas. We had so much fun and if you want some amazing photography inspiration (and awesome workshops!!) to check out you should definitely keep up with both of them on Facebook – Julie Paisley Photography and Spanki Mills Photography. You can check out some of Julie’s photos from their wedding here.

We also did a cute story film with Alan and Kali . . .


Kayvon & Melissa | Jonathon Link Studios | Dallas Wedding Videographer

We met Kayvon and Melissa over mimosas and it didn’t take long for me to start seriously hoping they would chose us to film their wedding. If laughter and a sense of humor are good glue for a marriage, Kayvon and Melissa are set for life. Kayvon is that person whose conversation you could ease drop on and be entertained for hours without you ever having to say a word. The audio from Kayvon’s prep time was pretty classic. It’s always especially fun to film a wedding day with lots of laughs.

Melissa is the perfect compliment to Kayvon. She enjoys joking around just like Kayvon but she has this ever-calm, peacefulness about her. Seeing the two of them together you can tell just the amount of appreciation Kayvon has for who she is and her quiet spirit.

The reception was at the Ashton Depot, which is such a nice space to film in. Everything is so open so there’s plenty of room to catch all the action on the dance floor. Kayvon and Melissa have friends and family from all over the globe and – as the best man alluded to in his speech – it really does say a lot about two people who can bring all those people together for their wedding. Both of their families spent plenty of time on the dance floor and I think almost everyone stayed right up until the end.

We had a chance to work with Laura Parker of Fairy Tale Photography again. What I love about Laura is not only her fun spirit but also her thoughtfulness about the bride and groom throughout the whole wedding day. She’s always helping the bride with her dress or fixing a veil, etc. – even if it has nothing to do with a picture. I really think that is the attitude we should all have as wedding vendors, no matter what our “hired” roles are.

Randal Stout provided the reception entertainment and I can’t say enough – if you’re thinking of going the DJ route, you should definitely hire him. He is fun but completely professional. Sometimes I find that the DJ seems to be attempting to use his wedding gigs to jumpstart his stand-up comedy career. And then there are the opposite DJs who just play the music and never really direct, lead or introduce. Randal always seems to do such a great job of guiding the reception but not trying to run it – and his control board is obviously the coolest!


Mike & Jenny | Jonathon Link Studios | Dallas Wedding Videographer

Mike and Jenny met while working together at Southwest Airlines. Naturally, they get to do some pretty awesome traveling together and we all know nothing tests a relationship like being cooped up together for a week or more, all day and all night. But Mike and Jenny clearly passed that test with flying (no pun intended . .ok, maybe slightly intended) colors.

Jenny and Mike’s prep time at the Warwick Hotel could not have been any more relaxed. I couldn’t figure out who was more excited for the wedding – Jenny or her sister 🙂

I think we could have made a separate mini-highlight reel just for the flower girls. They were both having so much fun and I think they really stole the show . .well, until Jenny walked down the aisle.

Following their ceremony at Holy Trinity Catholic Church, the celebration continued at the Filter Building. Mike and Jenny’s wine-themed reception included two versions they actually made themselves! What a fun idea – they even had a collage of pictures of them making each of the wines.

It wasn’t long into the dancing that multiple games of ‘Spin-the-Bottle’ broke out. No worries, this was only the dancing version and it provided quite a few laughs. No excuses either – if that bottle lands on you, you’re dancing – even if you’re the videographer apparently.

We had a great time working along side Stefanie and Ben of Hampton-Morrow Photography. They are so cute!