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Welcome to our new site! Not too shabby, eh?

Jonathon Link Studios, as well as Jon and I personally, have gone through so many changes this past year. We felt like we were long overdue for a website that reflected all we have going on. Below are just a few quick updates on each of our filmmaking fronts . . .

DOCUMENTARYTravis: A Soldier’s Story is beginning to roll out into select theaters across the country. Just last night it play in Fayetteville, NC and many of Travis and Kelsey’s Fort Bragg family were in attendance. The response has been great and it is amazing to hear how Travis’s story has impacted other individuals facing adversity in their own lives.

PROFESSIONAL – Last month we traveled to OKC to film with Tony Steward, a guy who went from working alongside the likes of pastor Rick Warren at Saddleback Church to pursuing his dream of community outreach and ministry by opening his own bike shop – Charley’s Bicycle Laboratory. Nicest guy ever and such a cool story. His wife, Mandy, also just released her first book and I happened to snag an advance copy, thanks to Tony. Highlighter city – no joke! Definitely recommend checking it out! Thrashing About With God by Mandy Steward

WEDDING – It has been nice to get back into the wedding swing again. So many beautiful days to share. Just last weekend we filmed a super-fun wedding in Dallas for which the groom wrote – and performed – his own wedding day rap . . . which I’ve had stuck in my head all week. ” . . . It’s our wedding day! It’s our wedding day! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! . . ”

NON-PROFIT – We just finished up a great promo piece for Living Church for their new building campaign. Got to try out some new equipment and it really turned out awesome – such a great group. They just launched their campaign last Sunday and we can’t wait to share soon!

Also a big shout-out to our good photo friend Meshali Mitchell, whose photography for a little (but really not little at all) thing called #thesurprisewedding was featured on People.com yesterday. The story behind this wedding is so amazing – you MUST watch the documentary film that goes along with their wedding weekend. Proof that the wait for Mr. Right – no matter how long and frustrating – is well worth it!

Thanks for stoping by! Can’t wait to see what the next year holds for us at Jonathon Link Studios!



Bring Travis: A Soldier’s Story to your local theater!

Many thanks to Splendor Films for the premiere footage and for putting together this film!

I can’t believe it’s already been a month since the premiere for Travis: a soldier’s story. It was an event both Jon and I will never forget. Both Rorke Denver and Gary Sinise sent in video messages, as well as combat medic Daniel Bateson, who is currently stationed in Germany. Seeing people’s response throughout the film – clapping, cheering, laughing, crying – was so neat and capped off with a standing ovation for Travis at the end. I wish all of our service members (and their spouses!!) – injured or not – could receive moments like that. The things these men and women do for their “job” – this whole experience has just been personally eye-opening and humbling.

Photos from the premiere – http://tinyurl.com/mec7e9a

Katie Norris – If you were at the premiere and you had fun, don’t thank us, thank Katie. She put together pretty much everything. The only thing we did was finish the movie.

Andrew Arceri – Andrew started as a mutual acquaintance, but has quickly become a good friend. he drove all the way from Louisiana to photograph the premiere for us.

Jared Rey – Jared did all our red carpet photography which was super-fun. It would have been even more fun if Jon and I actually took a photo together on the red carpet, but I digress . . .

Jeff & Amanda Coombes of Splendor Films – Not only did these two, along with Meghan Samonte, film the Dallas premiere event for us, Jeff also helped film and put together the video above. And as if they weren’t awesome enough already, they are actually loaning us one of their cars while our car is in the shop. AND they . . just kidding, I think they’ve done quite enough :))

In true Link fashion, no event ever seems to just be “normal” for us. The night before the premiere our car broke down. We actually had to RENT a car to get to our own film premiere – yeah, we’re classy like that. Then the day after the premiere it broke down again. Followed by break downs on both Saturday and the on the way to the airport Sunday. Long story but let’s just say over the last 9 months that Jon and I are well on our way to turning into our own Fotolanthropy film.

But in the midst of all the crazy there are have some very awesome things happening with the film. Some of them we can’t share just yet but the biggest is our coordination with Tugg.com


Tugg works with local theaters to help coordinate the logistics of screenings. You choose the theater and prefered date >>> Tugg helps organize the screening >>> you advertise the screening on social media, etc. Tickets are pre-purchased to ensure it’s not just you and the crickets in the theater 🙂 A lot of documentaries and independent films – probably some you’ve seen – use Tugg.

So . .we’ll see what happens and keep you posted. But this film has already taken on a life beyond our wildest expectations and we are so glad to not only hear that people enjoyed it, but more importantly that they have been impacted by Travis’s story. It is just awesome to see the opportunities that are coming his way to help others – we can’t wait to see all the things he does in the next few years.

Twitter – @TravistheMovie
Instagram – @Fotolanthropy, #travisthemovie


Travis & Jennifer | Jonathon Link Studios | Dallas Wedding Videographer

Dallas, Texas

Venues – First United Methodist Church and the Belo Mansion

Cinematography – Jonathon Link Studios

Photography – Lynn Michelle Photography

Event Planning & Design – Ricardo Tomás

Floral Design – Apple Tree Flowers

Lighting – Beyond

Wedding Cake & Groom’s Cake – Frosted Art Bakery

Reception Entertainment – Downtown Fever

Rolls Royce – Romantic Remembrances


Summer 2013 – Behind the Scenes . . .

Wow – our blog is pretty covered in cobwebs. There is PLENTY to share – just now finally getting some time to sit down and catch everyone up.

Our entire summer has been spent in front of computers from sun-up to sun-down. It’s a little weird to sit down at our screens this week and not see Final Cut and Photoshop files with Travis Mills in them. Most feature-length movies are put together in fancy editing suites. Travis was edited at a kitchen table, on one computer. The editing of this film – and especially the last few weeks – well . . . that’s a whole OTHER story. The experience was certainly “made for movies” – more of a comedy. We’ll save that for another blog post.

. . . . . . .

We took most of the summer off from filming but had two weddings earlier this month. It was reassuring to know we still know how to shoot together, but I have to admit we woke up the day after feeling a little like the Tin Man – “Oil can. Oil can.”

I think our brains are enjoying going back to editing things that aren’t quite so intense. I’ve missed pretty dresses, sweet vows and silly reception dancing. It’s nice to be going to FedEx with black packages with bows on them again, and can’t wait to share some our new weddings. I will definitely acknowledge that we’ve had some pretty patient couples – as our movie sprouted from just a seed to a gigantic bean stalk, they’ve been more than understanding and we are much looking-forward to them now viewing their OWN movies!!

Having to step out of the wedding world for a bit has been bittersweet. While it’s always nice to work on something different to challenge yourself (oh and CHALLENGE us it DID – the novel we could write!!), it’s hard to see what you’re missing out on. We haven’t been able to join in our wedding videographer get togethers, we missed the super-cute Brides of North Texas brunch, and haven’t been able to be involved with much on the wedding end. Excited to jump back in!

We still have a few good dates open this fall, for those still looking for wedding cinematography.

. . . . . . .

Travis the Movie, Travis: A Soldier

photos courtesy of Jared Rey and the Vassar Theater

We’ll share more on last week’s film premiere and new developments with the film at a later date but here are just a few highlights . . . .

  • First off – many thanks for your support and encouragement. It has been a journey and your words have kept us going.
  • Thursday’s Dallas premiere at the Angelika Theater was so fun. Over 400 people attended and both theaters sold out. You can check out pics and news bites from the event on the Facebook page.
  • The film then screened for the weekend in Travis’s hometown of Vassar, Michigan – where all five showings sold out as well. The film will be screening there for another week, starting this Friday.
  • If you were a Kickstarter backer for the film (or per-ordered a copy of the film), your rewards and DVDs will be sent out in the next few weeks. We have almost 300 packages to send out ourselves so we are working to get them out asap.
  • Due to the overwhelming response to the film, we are looking into more showings throughout the country. Bear with us – this is new territory that we are not very familiar with (remember – this was suppose to be a 10-minute blog film). If you just happen to be familiar with this process – we’d love your suggestions.
  • The best (and easiest!) thing you can do to help is to share about the film on social media. Not dollars – just a few mouse clicks 🙂 If you attended a showing, we’d love to hear what you thought. If you’d like a big screen viewing in your area, please let know.

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