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Austin & Hannah – Reception Highlight | Fort Worth Wedding Videographer

While the ceremony is the more serious and symbolic part of the wedding day, sometimes we don’t realize that a wedding reception can be just as meaningful and moving. The stories and words of affirmation shared by parents, siblings and friends. The smiles, hugs and laughs as the couple chats with friends and family from home and far away. The groom lovingly embracing his bride as they share their first dance. The proud look on the father-of-the-bride’s face while dancing with his daughter. Grandparents cutting away on the dance floor. I’ve teared up at just as many receptions as I have ceremonies (and I’m not really a “crier”).

Editing together couples’ receptions is also one of the most fun parts of the process . . .especially when there is dancing involved! It’s so great to see guests of all ages just letting loose and celebrating the day. Click on the image below to see a highlight of Austin & Hannah’s gorgeous candle-lit reception.

This highlight is set to the song “Fling Wide” featuring Austin! The song comes from the new Shady Grove Worship cd Step Inside Here.


Austin & Hannah – Sneak Peek | Fort Worth Wedding Videographer

Two weeks ago we had the privilege of capturing the wedding of Austin & Hannah . . .and we don’t know quite where to begin. Everything down to the tiniest details seemed nothing short of perfect. You can click on the the picture below to check out their sneak peek!

It would be an injustice for us to write about this wedding without mentioning the two families that were joined. Beautiful weddings are not uncommon, but the kindness and love that shine from these two families – and that are reflected in both Austin and Hannah – are truly rare. By the end of the ceremony we were honestly humbled we were chosen to be a part of this special day.

And if you are looking for a great photographer, this wedding did not disappoint! Austin and Hannah had several people running around shooting for them. Not only did they take some amazing shots, they were incredibly fun and easy to work with! Couples would be lucky to have any one of them shoot their wedding.

Brad Shull – Shull Photography

Meshali Mitchel – Meshali Mitchell Photography


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Kristin - Thanks Melissa – we had so much fun putting it together 🙂 Super excited for Bryce & Tammy!

How We Got Started

Photo by Meshali Mitchell Photography

Last spring, a lovely young couple approached Jon & I about editing their wedding footage. They had a friend tape their wedding and reception using several video cameras, but had not yet had someone piece the footage together. What followed was both frustrating and enlightening.

All three cameras were different, with footage quality ranging from poor and dingy to “convenience store security camera.” The most frustrating part was that we know this couple personally. They are beautiful, funny and two of the nicest people you will ever meet . . . and their wedding footage failed to capture any of this.

Jon & I were very fortunate to have our wedding professionally filmed, but we soon realized that for many couples navigating the chaos of wedding planning, professional videography is often something that ends up on the cutting room floor, if they even consider it at all. OR – they have a “friend” do it. God bless this friend – he/she means well but unless they have training and experience in film and videography, their efforts miss the most important part of the wedding – YOU!

It’s only after your wedding day that you truly realize how valuable having your wedding filmed is. I’ll be the first to admit – were it not for the fact that my husband works in video production, I probably would not have even thought about videography for my wedding. Then I got married and realized your entire wedding day feels like it lasted ten minutes and it’s all a blur. I cannot express how thankful I am to know that we have all of it on film. (Yes – our family and friends will quickly chime in at this point to tell you they’re STILL waiting to see it. Sorry, it’s in the ever-growing pile of personal projects “to be edited”. . .but at least it’s there.)

Last spring Jon & I began discussing the “What if . . .?” – What if WE could combine our passions and give other couples the opportunity to have this priceless memento of the most important day of their story together?

So here we are. We’ve been so blessed on this journey so far and we are so thankful for the couples that have trusted us with capturing their big day. We’re excited for what the future holds for Jonathon Link Studios and look forward to the chance to meet you!

– Kristin