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Ron & Beth – Sneak Peek | Jonathon Link Studios | Fort Worth Wedding Videographer

For all the the classic Disney movies there seem to be the following requirements:
– there is a beautiful princess with a perfect smile, who’s also the nicest person you’ll ever meet
– there is a handsome and distinguished prince who will do anything for the princess
– all the animals want to be friends with the princess

Check. Check. Check. Ron & Beth’s wedding was straight out of a Disney movie – not because it was over-the-top, but it met all the requirements for having a prince and a princess who are just about the two nicest, most caring people you’ll ever meet. And from the deer to the horses, all the animals wanted to be in Beth’s pictures. We have no doubt that if she would have started singing, bunnies would have come hopping out of the woods and birds would have come and perched on her arms. Everything from the small, naturally-lit chapel, to Beth’s gorgeous, yet understated wedding gown, to both of their laid-back attitudes: all served to highlight the true focus of the day – Ron & Beth’s deep love and commitment to each other. This was not lost on those who attended, as many wiped away tears during the ceremony.

Since we’re relatively new to Texas, this wedding was our first trip up to Possum Kingdom Lake. The forecast had predicted storms all week, and although DFW got quite a soaking that day, the weather at the lake was just perfect. We loved all nautical touches to the decor, done just right to coordinate with the setting.

This is also another wedding which we’ll have to share the reception with you. From the fun dancing to the amazing fireworks display over the lake – it was truly picture-perfect.


Ben & Laura – Reception Highlight | Jonathon Link Studios | Dallas Wedding Videographer

Usually we don’t post our reception highlights but we knew the night of their reception we would have to post Ben & Laura’s.

When the DJ played this song at the beginning of Ben & Laura’s reception, we knew it was perfect for them because it described the way they so cherished every moment of their wedding day, down to the final minutes!

On a side note, we must add, if you are looking for a wedding planner you need to to call Paige Chenault. This girl was running around in high heels, on her phone, checking lists, coordinating vendors, all while blowing up a giant, person-size globe – after fixing the leak in it. Whatever needed to get done, Paige was definitely going to make sure it got done, and done right!


Ben & Laura – Sneak Peek | Jonathon Link Studios | Dallas Wedding Videographer

We weren’t quite sure what to expect for Ben & Laura’s wedding. Laura is a teacher and Ben is a Harvard grad working in finance. We could tell from some pictures they shared with us that they – 1. had a lot of friends, and 2. traveled a lot.

Their rehearsal dinner at Old Parkland was beautiful and quite formal. The tables were set just ‘so’ and planners scurried around the floor, examining lists to make sure everything was running exactly according to plan. The only thing we knew we could expect the next day was a very beautiful wedding . . . .that is, until a member of the bridal party got up to give a speech about Ben . . .that involved reading from the Dominos Pizza cookbook. At that point, everyone nearly in tears from laughing so hard, we had a feeling this wedding was going to be much more than pretty flowers and fancy decorations.

If there ever is a couple that exemplify how to approach your wedding day, it is Ben & Laura. The way in which Laura’s face and spirit so obviously displayed her excitement and gratefulness for what her wedding day meant to her was unlike that of any bride we’ve ever seen. From the way she started tearing up the moment she saw her sister’s hair and make-up done, the way she bounced at the ceremony the moment Ben and she both had wedding bands on, the way she willingly kicked off her heels and ran around the grass barefoot – kicking a giant blow-up globe so the photographer could get a fun shot, and the way she covered herself in glow sticks and hastily grabbed friends out to the dance floor for every last song. The cake could have melted, her dress could have ripped and the Arboretum could have burned down . . .and we guarantee you, in the midst of it you’d find Laura dancing away, completely unfazed, with a huge smile on her face.

Location: Stoneleigh Hotel, Congregation Shearith Israel & Dallas Arboretum, Photography: Sallee Photography

Check back tomorrow morning to see a sneak peek of their reception – you’ll be jealous you weren’t there!


One candle on the cake

We’d like to wish a happy anniversary to one of our couples – Zach & Stacy – who celebrate their first wedding anniversary on Sunday. It is also a special day for us: Zach & Stacy were our very first couple, and we could not have picked two better people to share the “birthday” of Jonathon Link Studios with.

As we write, Zach & Stacy are just beginning a four-week missions trip in Guatemala. We are so excited for them and know this trip will have a huge impact on the direction of their marriage. They’ve also started their own photography business – ZandSPhotography – and Zach has been kind enough to help us out with video work on a few of our wedding shoots. All this while Stacy is teaching and taking grad school classes.

This year has gone by so fast, maybe even a little too fast. We will celebrate our own wedding anniversary this August and it still amazes us how many twists and turns our journey has taken is such a brief amount of time. Many people will tell you NOT to go into business with your spouse and I think we were definitely wondering how we would be looking back on our decision to start giving up our weekends.

We can honestly and sincerely say, that the amount of free time we have given up in the last year is insignificant compared to the blessings we’ve experienced. Every wedding we’ve had the privilege to film has taught us something about our own marriage. Inevitably, it has it’s stressful moments but it’s all worth it when we finish a couple’s film and get to hear their reactions, along with those of their friends and families.

I think if we could give one piece of advice to those of you who just married or those about to walk down the aisle in the next year, it is to go on an adventure together . . .and your honeymoon doesn’t count. Whether it’s traveling, doing missions work, finding a new hobby to do together . . .or, in our case, starting a business – do something together that requires a risk, something that you’re not quite sure how it will turn out or where you’ll end up. (Although, I would suggest this “adventure” not happen in Vegas. We’re not talking The Hangover-type adventure.)

We don’t know what will happen with Jonathon Link Studios – the phone calls and emails from brides, grooms and moms could eventually stop coming. But we do know, even if it all stopped tomorrow, we’d be so thankful we went on this adventure together, because it has taught us how to work better together – during the fun times AND stressful ones. We’ve had the opportunity to meet so many amazing couples, families and other wedding vendors and made new friends along the way – and are looking forward to all the celebrations and opportunities lined up for this year.


You Never Know

Remember the now-retired “poke” button on Facebook? We never really understood the purpose of it, but this weekend we learned that we certainly underestimated it. We met with a couple whose story all started with a “poke”. For real! They were complete strangers until one day Gabby’s friend decides Gabby needs to get back into the dating scene. Seeing Facebook open on Gabby’s computer screen, her friend starts “poking” guys she thinks would be good for Gabby.

Meanwhile, over 100 miles away, Allen hops on Facebook and discovers he’s received a “poke” from some random girl. He stares at the screen . . . . shrugs his shoulders . . . . slowly moves the cursor over “poke back” . . .and *click*

And as they say, the rest is history  😉 You really just never know what silly situation will lead you to ‘the ONE’. Can’t wait for their wedding!

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We also finished up a video for Meshali Mitchell Photography. We wanted to create a piece that not only showcased Meshali’s talent, but made you want to be best friends with her by the time you finish watching it. Those of you who already know Meshali, know this took little effort on our part. We had such a fun time filming with her. Click on the image below to visit her site and watch her film!