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Cameron & Kelsey – Sneak Peek | Jonathon Link Studios | Dallas Wedding Videographer

Before I say anything else, let me save you the agony of spending the rest of your day cramming your brain trying to figure out who Cameron reminds you of. Cameron is the long-lost fifth Baldwin brother. There – now that that’s out of the way . . . .

Kelsey’s mom Renee was the one who contacted us about doing Kelsey’s wedding. When we finally got a chance to meet in person, Renee was exactly how I had pictured her in my mind and Kelsey was no different. They both have this amazing, curly, red hair and infectious, bright smiles. They are the all-too-rare type of people who put you in a good mood just by being around them. We also loved seeing how close Cameron and Kelsey’s families have become with one another.

We included Cameron & Kelsey’s “first look” in their sneak peek because we just couldn’t get over Cameron’s reaction. Personally, it is my (Kristin) favorite shot in the entire highlight. It is everything a bride would want to see on her groom’s face the first time he sees her. You could also tell that seeing Kelsey walk down the isle was just as special and exciting for him, even though they had already seen each other.

We were excited to work with Matthew Moore and his wife Katie for this wedding. It’s always such a treat. Matt could take a picture of a vacuum cleaner and we would probably get it matted and framed and hang it above our fireplace.

Behind the piano is recording artist Brad Cooper. Count us new fans – he’s definitely one to keep an eye on! www.bradcoopermusic.com


Beth Murdoch - As the mother of the long lost Baldwin Brother (hilarious!!), I just have to say that I think you captured the joy and love of this blessed event beautifully! Thank you for showing the happiness of these two families. We are blessed.

Cameron and Kelsey’s Sneak Peak - […] CAMERON & KELSEY – SNEAK PEEK […]

Kathy Miller - The “Sneak Peek” was great!!! So sweet! Great job!

Tony & Mellissa – Engagement

Too often I think we fail to appreciate the amount of planning that goes into a proposal. Whether it’s over-the-top or simple, it still requires a decent amount of work just to keep things under wraps.

Now for many of us girls, making photo posters might actually sound like fun, like something we might do with our friends while we chit chat. But I imagine this wouldn’t be at the top of a guy’s list of things he likes to do in his free time. Nor would asking several of his male co-workers to come to the park at 7:30am on a Saturday and dress in long-sleeves, scarves and pink bathrobes when it’s 90 degrees and humid out. But if it’s all for the ONE, you’ll be amazed at the lengths a guy will go through to win her heart.

Such was the case with Tony. He pulled together family, made posters, found outfits and coordinated co-workers and filming – all early on a Saturday morning to completely surprise Mellissa when she would least be expecting it.


Kathleen Dawson - Not losing a son, but gaining a daughter. So very very happy! I only hope I don’t cry as much on the wedding day as I did on the proposal day. Love for both of you.

Justin & Nisha – Sneak Peek | Jonathon Link Studios | Dallas Wedding Videographer

At the end of May I got a call from a guy wondering if we were available for his wedding at the end of June. He told me the locations, times and other details, and then informed me he was basically doing ALL the planning.

This is when I have to admit that I thought “A GUY planning the whole wedding? I can only imagine what that’s going to look like.”

Well, when I’m sassy I usually get put in my place – and this case was no different. At the end of their wedding day I told Justin he just might have a second calling as a wedding planner. I would seriously trust him with my own wedding!

It was so evident throughout the entire wedding day, just how much thought Justin put into every detail, not only to make it perfect for Nisha but to also make it meaningful to all those who attended. I was pretty darn close to crying at multiple points during the day. The different messages given by several pastors were so touching. (I wanted to yell “Amen!” multiple times, but I thought – given my “vendor” status – that probably wasn’t the best idea.) Two people sang the most beautiful rendition of “Great is Thy Faithfulness”. The bridesmaids wore gorgeous pink and blue saris. And this doesn’t even include the amazing reception for 300+ guests.

Nisha has been through some pretty big changes in the last few months, but on this day she was nothing but truly beautiful – in every sense of the word: pretty, graceful, kind, sweet, elegant. That’s why we chose to use this song, after Justin hinted he’d like a worship song for their highlight.

For the record – Justin’s mom is my new favorite. Seriously. You can tell how proud she is of her two sons (and she should be!) by the pictures and awards displayed around the house, but you could also see just how excited she was to have a daughter joining the family.


The Best Birthday

Last week I got a call from my friend Tammy. She wanted to know if we could do a video shoot the next day. Now, Tammy’s husband Bryce works in video production but that is a world Tammy pretty much leaves to Bryce . . . .so I was a little confused.

Why is Tammy planning a video shoot and why would she need us to do it?

That’s when Tammy explained that the next day was Bryce’s birthday and she had a special gift she wanted to surprise him with. Well, when I found out what the surprise was I knew we HAD to make this shoot happen! We couldn’t figure out how to get Bryce to leave his house for a while without raising his suspicions, so Jon and his friend Brian asked Bryce if they could borrow his house to shoot a segment for a commercial project. . .and then asked Bryce to stand in for a minute so they could test the lighting and audio. ACTION!

What a fun moment to have captured! So glad Tammy approached us to do this. Beyond pumped for these two!


Melissa Coldiron - What a privilege and blessing to be a part of such a special day and time in Bryce and Tammy’s life. Wonderful job…truly enjoyed every bit of this wonderful video…Thanks! ~Melissa, Tammy’s sister in Indiana.

Kris Kolb - Tammy, this is so awesome! What great planning! How could you keep the secret?! Bryce, your reaction is priceless! I am so thrilled to become a Great Aunt! You two will be incredible parents. Congratulations—Aunt Kris and Uncle Richard

Jay Hyland - Hi Bryce & Tammy,
I really enjoyed the video! What a special way to announce this miracle in your lives! Happy Birthday(s)!
Uncle Jay
P.S. – Bryce, you sent me something recently through Linked-in, but I couldn’t open it. Do you want to send it to my regular e-mail, which is lps@naisp.net?

pam cruea - awesome way to give special news loved it

Trevor & Sara – Sneak Peek | Jonathon Link Studios | Appleton Wedding Videographer

I started typing up this blog post multiple times . . . but I’ve come to the conclusion that no matter how hard I try and no matter how many revisions I make, if I say everything I want to about this wedding this blog post is going to be a mile long . . . because this is my brother’s wedding. So here’s what I had wanted to say in a much more elaborate and eloquent way, that I am forcing myself to reduce to these three points.

1. I love Trevor and I love Sara just as much.

2. Sara is perfect for Trevor.

3. I cried A LOT editing this together.

I really don’t even know how you put into words watching a beautiful, sweet and fun young woman tear up as she walks down the aisle to your brother. That is the closest I’ve come to feeling again exactly the way I felt on my own wedding day. Just pure happiness.

Location: Medina Wedding Chapel, Photography: Laurie Marie Photography

If you’re engaged, you need to give Laurie Marie a call . .as in, right now!! She has such a laid-back, fun approach to her photography that truly allows everyone to just be his/herself in front of the camera. Plus – she came with an awesome stash of Etsy goodness to make the photos extra special. We had so much other footage we wanted to include; this highlight could have been 20 minutes long, and it’s all because of Laurie’s photography. Beautiful, creative, serious and silly, and it fit Trevor & Sara’s personalities just perfectly!

Also, a very huge thank-you to our friend Scott Dahm at Reflective Media Productions, who also helped film OUR wedding, for helping us out on this day. Unfortunately, the 5D isn’t small enough to hide in a bridesmaid bouquet so I had to relinquish my duties to Scott for this one.