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I like big presents and I cannot lie . . .

Last weekend we had the privilege of filming Jared & Tamesha’s wedding in Jamaica. We had such a great time getting to know both of their families. They were such a fun group and as Saturday approached we couldn’t wait to see what their wedding reception would be like. The following is just a short clip from the reception, courtesy of Jared’s dad and uncle. This was exactly the kind of thing we were expecting to see. It was difficult to keep the camera steady and film because Jon and I were both laughing so hard. As much as we’d normally blame this on the cheap wine at dinner or the rum in everyone’s fruity beach drinks, we think this is nothing other than pure normal Connaughton family fun.

“Big Butts” may not be a very festive Christmas song (although I think most of us will admit that our butts do get a little bigger around Christmas time), but we loved this clip because everyone was just having such a blast. Jared and Tamesha’s wedding was so beautiful and fun, I know the friends and family who traveled to Jamaica for their big day will never forget this trip. (I know we’re definitely a little sad we probably won’t get to see most of them again.) We can’t wait to share the rest of this wedding, but until then – enjoy this little Christmas treat.


Mrs. R. Gilbert - Priceless!

What is Fotolanthropy?

This summer we met photographer Katie Norris at a wedding we were both filming, and she shared her desire to branch out and use her photography skills beyond just weddings and portrait work. Her idea was a storytelling project that would combine portrait photography and short films for individuals and families facing difficult life circumstances. She termed it “fotolanthropy” and her goal was to provide these people with a beautiful documented memory of this time in their life AND share their stories, with the hope of encouraging and inspiring others. We knew we wanted to do what we could to help.

Last night we had the privilege of attending a party for Clay and Monique, our first full Fotolanthropy story, to celebrate Clay’s full remission from cancer and to premiere their Fotolanthropy film. Their living room was filled with family and friends and just pure joy. There was nothing but laughter and smiles all around the room. What a humbling and much-needed change of perspective – especially for us. We’ve been so busy and quite honestly, a little (by “a little, I mean “a lot”) stressed out. But seeing a couple our age and, like us, married just a few years who are so thankful to have each other and their baby Hazel, we were reminded that no Christmas present could ever possibly compare to the relationships we are blessed with in our lives. We cannot thank the Wootens enough for sharing their story and allowing us to share it with others. Please click on the photo below to view the Wooten Family’s Fotolanthropy film, read their story and learn more about Fotolanthropy. (photo by Katie Norris Portrait Arts)

Want to know how you can help? The best way you can help Fotolanthropy is by sharing the films with others via social media. This is the heart of Fotolanthropy, that others may be encouraged and inspired in their own struggles through the Fotolanthropy stories.

Fotolanthropy is also selling handmade ornaments for the holiday season. Each ornament is $25 and all proceeds go directly towards purchasing products for Fotolanthropy participants. Ornaments can be purchased on the Fotolanthropy website.

If you are a cinematographer and are interested in being involved with Fotolanthropy, please use the contact form on their website. Fotolanthropy would love to tell you more about their mission and see how they can involve you in future stories!

Fotolanthropy is always looking for new stories! If you or someone you know is interested in being a featured Fotolanthropy story OR you or your business are interested in sponsoring a Fotolanthropy story, please contact Fotolanthropy via their website!


Tom & Vicky – Sneak Peek | Jonathon Link Studios | Dallas Wedding Videographer

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At their reception, Vicky’s mom did one of the sweetest things we’ve ever seen at a wedding. Vicky was raised by her mom all her life but her mom didn’t want her to miss out on a “father-daughter” dance, so she surprised Vicky by donning a tuxedo and dancing with her.

Many thanks to Kristyn at Event Elements. This was our second time working with her and she just makes everything so easy for everyone the day of the wedding. If something came up, she was immediately on top of it and she was always checking in and letting us know what would be happening next. Seriously, hire her.


Kristyn Hall - This is awesome y’all!! You captured their personalities and love perfectly! Such a fun night! And thanks for the “shout out” – you are awesome and make my job easier 🙂 Can’t wait for the next one!!!

Andy & Abby – Engagement

There are a couple people in our life who we’re just itching to find the perfect match for. Andy was one of those people on our list. (In fact, after talking with Andy’s brother-in-law last night, it seems Andy was on A LOT of people’s match-making lists.) He’s talented and hardworking, super funny and fun to be around, and deep down – a total sweetheart. This comes as no surprise to anyone who knows any member of the Call family. They are that family that you truly feel humbled and privileged to know. We had the honor of filming Andy’s sister Liz’s wedding and we couldn’t wait for the day Andy would meet someone special.

Well, it turns out Andy didn’t need anybody’s help finding the right girl (okay, maybe the big guy upstairs helped a little). When we found out Andy was planning to propose, we immediately set to work trying to figure out how we could get it on film. We wanted them to have this special moment captured but we still wanted it to be Andy’s plan, how Andy envisioned it. So Andy and Abby just “happened” to bump into us down at the Fort Worth Water Gardens after dinner Sunday evening. Last night was our first time really getting to meet Abby and it all started with us lying to her for 10 minutes. We told her all about the wedding we had next weekend and the couple who was insisting we do a special night shoot down by the Water Gardens. We told Abby all about how we’d been trying so hard to talk the couple out of it, and how Sunday night was the only night we had to check out the lighting and see if we could even pull off the magic next weekend.

“Oh, hey, since you and Andy are here – would you mind standing in for us to check a few things?”

“Sure!” Andy replied, without hesitation.

“Great! Just give us two more minutes.” . . . . . . .

It took us all of about five minutes to realize that Abby is perfect for Andy. She is just the sweetest little thing and to say we’re excited for their wedding is a total understatement. We had a chance to meet Abby’s family as well at their engagement party last night and just chatting with Abby’s mom for a few minutes, you can see that not only are Andy & Abby a perfect match – so are their families. We couldn’t be happier for these two! Congrats!


Derek & Allison – Reception Highlight | Jonathon Link Studios | Fort Worth Wedding Videographer

Dallas Wedding Videographer, Dallas Wedding Videography, Dallas Wedding Cinematographer, Dallas Wedding Cinematography, Dallas Wedding Films, Fort Worth Wedding Videographer, Fort Worth Wedding Videography, Fort Worth Wedding Cinematographer, Fort Worth Wedding Films, Fort Worth Wedding Cinematography, Best Dallas Wedding Videographer, Best Dallas Wedding Videography, Best Fort Worth Wedding Videographer, Best Fort Worth Wedding VideographyEverybody wants their wedding reception to be epic. As we were filming Derek & Allison’s reception, I found myself so jealous because this was definitely the best wedding reception I’ve ever seen. The band was amazing, the dance floor was constantly packed – it was like being invited to the most unforgettable party. If you are looking for some awesome reception entertainment – Limelight is the way to go. Seriously, save up your money or beg your parents to take out a second mortgage – whatever you need to do because these guys are definitely worth it. The saxophone player raps for goodness sake!

One of my favorite things about every reception is seeing the bride & groom’s parents celebrating. For me, it’s almost more fun than watching the bride & groom. I just think it’s such a special life moment for parents, one they look forward to for a long time. I love that we were able to capture each of Allison & Derek’s parents and siblings just having what looked like the best time of their life. Allison’s dad made several appearances on stage.

P.S. I don’t know the name of the groomsman towards the end but I think he made sure to dance with just about every mom and grandma at the reception.


Eric Ryckaert - What can I say, they were the best dancers =P