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Travis: a Soldier’s Story

Many of you are probably wondering where we went. In the world of blogging and Facebook, we’ve largely been silent for most of the fall. In the midst of a wedding schedule booked solid the last four months, we’ve had something we’ve been so anxiously waiting to share – our newest Fotolanthropy story, the story of Travis.

When Katie approached us in October about filming Travis’s story, we will admit it came with much excitement, but also much hesitation on our end. While we absolutely love every Fotolanthropy project we get to be a part of, to say we are busy on the wedding side of our business is an understatement. Because Travis was going to be returning to Walter Reed Hospital in a few weeks for continued rehabilitation, the interview had to be filmed in the next few days.

As Jon frantically worked to finish what other edits he could and prep for this trip, I tried to help research for the shoot by combing through as much of the information on Travis’s website as possible. It’s sprinkled with pictures of Travis, Kelsey, their daughter Chloe and their families. There is the story of how Travis was injured and the rehabilitation process he is currently going through. There is also a page with a long list of links to various news articles about Travis and videos of news interviews he has done. I copied down a huge list of quotes from friends, former teachers and Travis himself and attempted to construct a timeline of events for Travis since April. And then I started watching the videos . . .

The very first clip I watched was a Fox News interview Travis did alone. Before he even answers the first question you see Travis’s signature smile, and immediately I was captivated. I watched this guy smile, laugh, crack jokes and give the most honest, down-to-earth, matter-of-fact answers to each question the reporter asked. And that’s when I knew – no matter how far behind this put us, no matter how much time it took up – we had to do this project.

Jon and I could tell you how amazing Travis’s story is, how absolutely humbling his attitude is and how inspiring this whole family is, but our words would never be enough. Instead we would like you to really meet Travis and hear him tell his own story, so we are taking this film beyond just the pages of blogs and YouTube and making it into a short documentary film. We believe Travis’s story has the power to inspire all of us, and bring hope and healing to other soldiers who have so bravely fought for their country and now fight for their physical and emotional health at home.

We are using a fundraising platform called Kickstarter. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Kickstarter, it is a website where people can pledge funding – in any amount – towards many different films, books, and other various community art projects. Each project sets a fundraising goal and pledges are only collected if a project reaches (or exceeds) its fundraising goal.


All money raised is going towards the production and sharing of Travis’s film. Currently, all travel and production costs associated with the initial part of this project have been financed completely out of pocket. We would like to do everything we possibly can to make Travis’s film amazing and share his story with as many people as possible. With this goal in mind, we would like to visit Travis and Kelsey again for additional interviews and footage, as well as utilize other post-production assistance to really help us take the film to the next level. We are also planning a theatrical premier for Travis’s film in Dallas, hopefully later this spring.

Our hope is that rather than merely soliciting large donations, we can achieve our goal through the small donations of many. No gift is too small and we appreciate any gift you are able to contribute, and most importantly your prayers and willingness to share this story with others.

To watch the trailer at our Kickstarter page – http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/fotolanthropy/travis-a-soldiers-story

If you are interested in more information about this film project or are interested in becoming a sponsor, you can contact Katie Norris, Fotolanthropy Founder, at info@fotolanthropy.com


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