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Taylor & JB – Sneak Peek | Jonathon Link Studios | Fort Worth Wedding Videographer

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I’m so glad they said yes – their wedding was so special. Taylor and JB met in high school on a missions trip and the rest is history. They’re both old souls and as their pastor said, their understanding of what it truly takes for a relationship to last extends far beyond most people their age. The vows that they wrote for each other are things they’ve already been doing for years.

God bless Taylor’s dad! It’s hard enough trying to get our house ready for my parents to come into town. I can’t imagine trying to prep our house and backyard for an entire wedding day. He was working so hard the day of the wedding to help all the vendors secure their spots in the backyard, direct people where to park, sign papers, deal with the neighbor’s unexpectedly draining their pool into their yard the morning of the wedding (!!!) and still get ready. He had so much going on, but everything turned out beautifully.

– Kristin

You can check out some of Braeden’s (of Ambient 11) awesome photos from JB & Taylor’s wedding here. Braden is a super class act and so easy to get along with – you should definitely check him out if you’re looking for a photographer.


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