Dallas Wedding Videography and Dallas Wedding Films by Jonathon Link Studios. We also shoot Dallas and Fort Worth Wedding Cinematography, Fort Worth Wedding Videography, Fort Worth Wedding Films » Jonathon Link Studios specializes in Dallas and Fort Worth High End Wedding Videography and Films. Voted Best Dallas Wedding Videographer 2012 by Dallas A-List

Matthew & Samantha – Sneak Peek | Jonathon Link Studios | Dallas Wedding Videographer

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What I didn’t know is how much I was going to get attached to Samantha and Matthew. They are both quiet and gentle, yet so sweet to each other – and both just filled with such integrity. I love the way Matthew looks at Samantha, and the way he carefully watches out for her – it’s so cute. And when your husband surprises you with Christian Louboutin heels on your wedding day, you know you’ve chosen well! Could not be more honored Matthew and Samantha asked us to film their wedding.

Every wedding comes with a little surprise for us and at this one it was a confident teenager. I have been asked to dance at weddings, and I have been the videographer at weddings – but those two things have never overlapped until Samantha’s little brother asked me to dance at the reception. Well, I wasn’t quite sure how to respond to that, but I politely obliged and he was a very nice dancer.

You can see some of Jennefer’s awesome pics from Samantha and Matthew’s wedding by clicking here.


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