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Kathleen & Justin – Sneak Peek | Jonathon Link Studios | Fort Worth Wedding Videographer

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As soon as we showed up to Justin’s room, he and all the groomsmen already had out their trumpets, guitars and saxophones – playing away. Justin and all the groomsmen got dressed . . .only to half-way UNdress. We promise you that particular picture was their idea, not ours. That was definitely an interesting – and yes, fun – way to start filming!

Kathleen and her sisters are so sweet. Their prep room was so laid back, but I think all the emotions starts to hit Kathleen as soon as she got into her wedding dress. It was so cute to see just how excited both Kathleen and Justin were to see each other.

Kathleen’s borth-in-law, Brandon, also officated Kelsey and Cameron’s wedding last summer. He claims he doesn’t know what he’s doing but I highly disagree – his messages are always great, touching, funny and well-delivered. At this point we’ve heard quite a few wedding sermons/messages, and I’m always a little bummed when there is no personal touch included in it for the couple. Brandon did a great job of incorporating Kathleen and Justin’s love of music.

And the reception did not disappoint – the band was awesome and everyone was having a fun time jamming’ out. Justin made many appearances to join the band on stage – on several instruments, as well as singing. Seeing what a live band – especially a GOOD live band – does for a reception, I SO wish we would have hired one for our wedding. It’s just so much easier to keep the party going when you have live music.

We had a great time shooting along side Jamie Harper. She was so fun and super laid-back. Hopefully we can work together again soon 🙂 (You should tell her she really needs to move to Dallas.)


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