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Jared & Tamesha – Sneak Peek | Jonathon Link Studios | Dallas Wedding Videographer

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We really can’t say enough about Jared and Tamesha – two individuals of such integrity and class. They have such a deep respect for each other and each other’s families. (They’re also both straight out of a P90X ad.) Tamesha is 100% positive energy. She makes you feel like you could run a marathon, right now. If we recall correctly, she was up running early the morning of the wedding. Jared has a very tight-knit group of friends and it’s easy to see why. He is the friend you can trust with anything and the first one you’d go to for advice. One of our favorite moments was when Jared’s dad hugs him right after the ceremony. They don’t say a word to each other but at the same time that moment said everything about both of them.

We had the opportunity to work together with photographer Jennefer Wilson again on this wedding. Congrats to Jennefer who, just a few days after arriving home from Jamaica, received a proposal of her own!


kimberley casey - Golly, so beautiful, just perfect. What beautiful videography of a beautiful and magical wedding. This is a memoir that will last a lifetime.

Congratulations, again, to Tamesha and Jared, and thank you again for the opportunity to be part of our wonderful family.


Shannon Watson - Congratulations to both of you!! Your wedding video was beautiful. May you have a happy and healthy life together as man and wife.

Melissa - OMG, that was absolutely beautiful!

Cindy Parrish - WOW! So beautiful – and special – and unique. Loved watching this “sneak peek”. Thanks.

Darla Murray - Well you made me cry again *tear* what a beautiful video you will cherish this forever. I am so blessed to have 2 such wonderful people in my family. Love you both so much, have a wonderful life together <3
Aunt Darla 🙂

Rochelle Joseph - WOW!!! Crying all over again. If this is the sneak peek, I’m not sure my heart can take the whole video. This is absolutely wonderful and totally captures the real deal. Love you guys!!

Judy Cho - Wow, what a beautiful wedding! Congratulations and may God bless your family.

debbie vaughan - That is one of the most beautiful weddings I have seen, from the wedding dress, to the flowers, the setting and of course the exquisitely beautiful couple ~ where one can just see & feel the love between them.
Much love & Congratulations to the couple xx

Katherine Brownell - What a wonderful couple!!!! We love you both. Wishing you the best, The Brownell Family

Tamesha Connaughton - I just watched this for the 100th time!!!!! Kristin and Jon!!! Thank you for making this a priceless memory me and my entire family!!!!!

Kristin - Thank you everyone for all the wonderful comments 🙂 We had so much fun on this trip and for those of you that were along for the wedding – we really do miss you. That’s why we decided Ellen needs to get married soon 😉

Rene Schmidt - Tamesha and Jared,
What a beautiful wedding and gorgeous photograhy! Thanks for sharing this moment! May you have many happy years together!

Best Wishes,

Rene Schmidt

Jane McCullah - I love the video! What a beautiful couple and a beautiful wedding! Thank you so much for sharing a peek into your special day. Congratulations!!!! xo Jane

Ashley - Love….love…love! TO the most awesome couple I know!Video is AMAZE and I so wish I was there. Wishing all the best to a beauiful couple so in love!

Ron John - Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!! May God bless the two of you forever

Debra Duran - WOW! Absolutely beautiful wedding!!! It is an overwhelmingly beautiful capture of true love. I am so happy for you both! Congratulations!!!

Susan Connaughton - Truly amazing,this really captures the love Jared & Tamesha have for each other. I think I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve watched this.
Jon & Kristen what a fabulous memory you have created.. Thank you!

Yasmin - The DestinationWeddings.com team at the office can’t stop watching this beautiful video. Thank you so much for capturing Tamesha and Jared’s special moments!

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