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Introducing . . . .FOTO

Just in case you thought we fell off the face of the earth – nope, we’re still here. We’ve had a lot going on behind the scenes – some of it personal (like Kristin running over a giant semi tire at 70mph in our tiny BMW) and some of it professional, which we are excited to share some of below!

Many of you may already be aware of our work with Fotolanthropy and photographer Katie Norris. Our film work with Fotolanthropy has been such an amazing experience and it continues to challenge us in the way we approach each wedding we film. If you would like more information on Fotolanthropy or to view the most recent story, please visit www.fotolanthropy.com

Katie knew right away she didn’t want to have to rely on donations alone to fund Fotolanthropy, especially in the current economy. When Katie told us she wanted to design camera straps, we were so excited. In general, camera straps are not hard to come by – you can find them everywhere from specialty local camera shops to Etsy. But one thing we all commented on was the lack of stylish, but classic camera straps. Much of what we saw in stores was either your typical, basic black, long-wear strap or bright-colored straps with crazy patterns. Both of these are great, but Katie’s vision was something a little more in between, a little more basic yet still stylish.

We are excited to introduce FOTOstrap. FOTOstrap currently comes in seven colors, as well as a luxury all-leather version in honor of James – the very first Fotolanthropy story. FOTOstraps can also be monogrammed with your initials, name or even your business logo! Proceeds from Fotostrap will be used to fund future Fotolanthropy stories and to create more FOTO products. Click here to see the entire FOTOstrap collection and learn more about FOTOstrap. You can also visit the FOTOstrap Facebook page to see images from our fun photoshoot (you may even catch Jon trying to work his “Blue Steel”.) To celebrate FOTOstrap’s launch, one lucky person will win a free Fotostrap. Click here to enter.


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