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Doug & Michele – Sneak Peek | Jonathon Link Studios | Dallas Wedding Videographer

Dallas Wedding Cinematographer, Dallas Wedding Films, Dallas Wedding Videographer, Dallas Wedding Videography, Fort Worth Wedding Cinematographer, Fort Worth Wedding Films, Fort Worth Wedding Videographer, Fort Worth Wedding VideographyWhen Mrs. Jones called us about doing her son Doug’s wedding, I will admit I was struggling to put a face with Doug’s name. I kept replaying her daughter Jordan’s highlight reels over and over in my head – we were able to get so much fun footage of both their families at their reception – but for some reason I just couldn’t remember Doug until I finally went through the family photo footage. “Oh – that’s Doug. He must be really quiet and shy,” I thought.

I can only laugh at that now. Doug is a lot of things but it’s definitely not quiet and shy – at least not in the timid sense. Mrs. Jones later explained to me that Doug simply preferred to keep his presence low-key that evening – it was Andy & Jordan’s day to shine . . .and he knew his day would come.

We scheduled a quick consultation with Doug and Michele. They were coming from work so Doug arrived first. We chatted for a bit and as I started to get a sense of Doug’s personality, I tried to envision Michele in my mind. You know how there are some women who can just look effortlessy beautiful? They really need no make-up and can throw on anything from the J.Crew catalogue and instantly look amazing. That is Michele.

Doug and Michele’s wedding took us to Nacagdoches for the first time. It is a quaint little Texas city with a cute, old-fashioned downtown. Their wedding was held at the Jones House Bed & Breakfast – it was the perfect setting for them. The front porch was great for pictures and white chairs filled the front lawn for their sunset ceremony. It happened to be Halloween weekend as well, and it was so cute to see parents walking downtown with their kids, all dressed up.

Sometimes I think brides lose themselves a little on their wedding day. I love seeing them transform into beautiful princesses once they get into their dress but sometimes I think a part of them gets lost under all the make-up and fluff. What I loved about Michele’s entire wedding ensemble is that she still looked like Michelle. Her make-up was beautiful but natural, her hair was gorgeous but not too over-done, and her dress was amazing but classic – and all together Michele made it look effortless.

My favorite receptions are the ones where the bride, groom and both of their families barely leave the dance floor. I thought it was going to be hard to top Andy & Jordan’s reception but Doug & Michelle’s easily matched it. The big open space of the Mast Hall downtown, decorated with understated, rustic touches, was perfect for all the dancing – which was entertaining to say the least. Doug and Michele soaked up every minute of it before driving off in a vintage, red Mustang.


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