Dallas Wedding Videography and Dallas Wedding Films by Jonathon Link Studios. We also shoot Dallas and Fort Worth Wedding Cinematography, Fort Worth Wedding Videography, Fort Worth Wedding Films » Jonathon Link Studios specializes in Dallas and Fort Worth High End Wedding Videography and Films. Voted Best Dallas Wedding Videographer 2012 by Dallas A-List

Brooke & Colby – Sneak Peek | Jonathon Link Studios | Fort Worth Wedding Videographer

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Picture the following . . .
Of course, as a vendor, you want to be dressed professionally at every wedding. Jon put on his usual outfit that day: nice dress slacks, a freshly-pressed dress shirt, and black dress shoes. We arrive at the venue and film the bride’s details before heading over to the groom’s room. After shooting the bride’s dress and shoes, Jon heads over to the guys. He knocks on the door, slowly opens it and four sets of eyes slowly shift from a tv over to Jon. All four of these guys are sitting in chairs, beer in hand, in shirts, jeans and boots, and cowboy hats hanging on the wall – and in creeps Jon in his Sunday best. Jon says: “Hi, I’m the videographer.” They give him a quick once-over and shift their eyes back to the television set.

We may have looked like fish out of water, but Jon and I really enjoyed Brooke and Colby’s wedding day. It was so relaxed and it was such a fun contrast to a lot of the other weddings we’ve done. The sun hid behind the clouds just long enough to keep things cool for their outdoor ceremony. The reception was exactly what I would expect for a true, genuine Texas wedding. Brooke and Colby had a live country band and people were out there being twirled and twisted all over the place all night, and all the kids were jumping around, just having a blast. They definitely don’t teach us to dance like that in Wisconsin!


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