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Bring Travis: A Soldier’s Story to your local theater!

Many thanks to Splendor Films for the premiere footage and for putting together this film!

I can’t believe it’s already been a month since the premiere for Travis: a soldier’s story. It was an event both Jon and I will never forget. Both Rorke Denver and Gary Sinise sent in video messages, as well as combat medic Daniel Bateson, who is currently stationed in Germany. Seeing people’s response throughout the film – clapping, cheering, laughing, crying – was so neat and capped off with a standing ovation for Travis at the end. I wish all of our service members (and their spouses!!) – injured or not – could receive moments like that. The things these men and women do for their “job” – this whole experience has just been personally eye-opening and humbling.

Photos from the premiere – http://tinyurl.com/mec7e9a

Katie Norris – If you were at the premiere and you had fun, don’t thank us, thank Katie. She put together pretty much everything. The only thing we did was finish the movie.

Andrew Arceri – Andrew started as a mutual acquaintance, but has quickly become a good friend. he drove all the way from Louisiana to photograph the premiere for us.

Jared Rey – Jared did all our red carpet photography which was super-fun. It would have been even more fun if Jon and I actually took a photo together on the red carpet, but I digress . . .

Jeff & Amanda Coombes of Splendor Films – Not only did these two, along with Meghan Samonte, film the Dallas premiere event for us, Jeff also helped film and put together the video above. And as if they weren’t awesome enough already, they are actually loaning us one of their cars while our car is in the shop. AND they . . just kidding, I think they’ve done quite enough :))

In true Link fashion, no event ever seems to just be “normal” for us. The night before the premiere our car broke down. We actually had to RENT a car to get to our own film premiere – yeah, we’re classy like that. Then the day after the premiere it broke down again. Followed by break downs on both Saturday and the on the way to the airport Sunday. Long story but let’s just say over the last 9 months that Jon and I are well on our way to turning into our own Fotolanthropy film.

But in the midst of all the crazy there are have some very awesome things happening with the film. Some of them we can’t share just yet but the biggest is our coordination with Tugg.com


Tugg works with local theaters to help coordinate the logistics of screenings. You choose the theater and prefered date >>> Tugg helps organize the screening >>> you advertise the screening on social media, etc. Tickets are pre-purchased to ensure it’s not just you and the crickets in the theater 🙂 A lot of documentaries and independent films – probably some you’ve seen – use Tugg.

So . .we’ll see what happens and keep you posted. But this film has already taken on a life beyond our wildest expectations and we are so glad to not only hear that people enjoyed it, but more importantly that they have been impacted by Travis’s story. It is just awesome to see the opportunities that are coming his way to help others – we can’t wait to see all the things he does in the next few years.

Twitter – @TravistheMovie
Instagram – @Fotolanthropy, #travisthemovie


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