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Ali & Seth – Sneak Peek | Jonathon Link Studios | Dallas Wedding Videographer

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Ali and Seth are exponentially more stylish than Jon and I. Ali looked absolutely gorgeous – loved her hair, her dress, her shoes, her make-up, her jewelry, everything. Loved the guys’ relaxed vests and fun bow ties. And I loved the little nautical touches both Ali and Seth incorporated into their attire. So to sum up everything – LOVE.

I worry some brides think that if they do a first look, when they walk down the aisle the groom’s just going to shrug his shoulders and think “Eh, already saw it.” I loved that Ali & Seth shared this special moment together. We had so much great footage of them under the willow trees, it was hard to chose what to put in and what to leave out. And as you can see, it didn’t remotely change the way Seth felt seeing Ali come down the aisle.

Everything about Ali and Seth’s ceremony and reception details and decor was made for Pinterest. I can tell Ali spent a lot of time coordinating all the little DIY projects, but each of them was a perfect reflection of her and Seth’s personalities and style. Ali works at a chocolate shop and, up until graduating this spring, Seth worked as a rep. for Red Bull – so the reception also included trays of gourmet chocolates and barrels of Red Bull. We tried to stay away from this area, but I will fully admit to scarfing down my entire chocolate bar as soon as we got back to the hotel (ok, you caught me – it was in the car on the way to the hotel) and Jon had at least five Red Bulls.

We enjoyed shooting along side photographers Shaina Pearce and Josh Aryes. Many thanks to Josh for letting Jon test out Josh’s Mark III for the entire reception. We are sold.


Ali Rongkawit - Oh my goodness, this is awesome! Thank you so much Jon & Kristin for traveling up here. I’m glad Kansas turned out to be a good trip for ya’ll and that you enjoyed Cocoa Dolce’s chocolate and some Red Bull. (: You are both so sweet and I would not have had anyone else here to video our big day! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!

Kristin - Thanks Ali – we just love how sweet (and styling’!) you and Seth are, but also how much fun y’all were having together on your wedding day. We had so much great footage and that chocolate – DANG! Nom Nom!! So glad you invited us to be a part of it – truly one of the most fun weddings we’ve filmed.

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