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Steven & Reena | Jonathon Link Studios | Dallas Wedding Videographer

There is nothing I treasure more than when we get to film weddings of couples who we know are going to be amazing examples of marriage to others. They are the couples I can meet at our consultations and witness their weddings and already see into their future – their kids, their family, their story.

Steven and Reena are one of those couples. Not only are they a good-looking, but it was obvious from all the words said about them throughout their wedding day that they have prepared for marriage with much thought and dedication, and that many others look to them as examples. They have been great leaders, siblings, and friends, and I already know they are going to be great parents.

Everything about Steven and Reena’s day was very meaningful. I love how each of the families gather with the couple to pray before they prepare for their ceremony. It creates this amazing sense of calm that is hard to find on almost any wedding. The ceremony at Custer Road UMC was pretty impressive and it was fun to see all of the different elements of their ceremony.

There’s your normal party bus, and then there’s Steven and Reena’s PARTY bus. Were it not for all the guests I’m pretty sure you could have a decent reception just in their party bus. Flashing lights, lasers, smoke machine, drinks, loud music – I think we could have made a pretty decent highlight of just the bus!

You know you both have awesome family and friends when they all perform a surprise choreographed dance for you at your reception. And you know you’ve snagged yourself a pretty cool husband when he follows up the surprise family dance with his own surprise dance with his groomsmen for you. And this was not just dances thrown together in the corner of the lobby right before the reception was about to start – this was legit! I could tell people had been practicing for quite some time! (or at least they fooled me)

Around 10:00 it was looking like things were winding down, but apparently that was just everyone resting up for the real party. Everyone’s dancing kicked into high gear around 11:00 and it never stopped. The party was still going strong 1am and showed no signs of stopping!


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