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Kayvon & Melissa | Jonathon Link Studios | Dallas Wedding Videographer

We met Kayvon and Melissa over mimosas and it didn’t take long for me to start seriously hoping they would chose us to film their wedding. If laughter and a sense of humor are good glue for a marriage, Kayvon and Melissa are set for life. Kayvon is that person whose conversation you could ease drop on and be entertained for hours without you ever having to say a word. The audio from Kayvon’s prep time was pretty classic. It’s always especially fun to film a wedding day with lots of laughs.

Melissa is the perfect compliment to Kayvon. She enjoys joking around just like Kayvon but she has this ever-calm, peacefulness about her. Seeing the two of them together you can tell just the amount of appreciation Kayvon has for who she is and her quiet spirit.

The reception was at the Ashton Depot, which is such a nice space to film in. Everything is so open so there’s plenty of room to catch all the action on the dance floor. Kayvon and Melissa have friends and family from all over the globe and – as the best man alluded to in his speech – it really does say a lot about two people who can bring all those people together for their wedding. Both of their families spent plenty of time on the dance floor and I think almost everyone stayed right up until the end.

We had a chance to work with Laura Parker of Fairy Tale Photography again. What I love about Laura is not only her fun spirit but also her thoughtfulness about the bride and groom throughout the whole wedding day. She’s always helping the bride with her dress or fixing a veil, etc. – even if it has nothing to do with a picture. I really think that is the attitude we should all have as wedding vendors, no matter what our “hired” roles are.

Randal Stout provided the reception entertainment and I can’t say enough – if you’re thinking of going the DJ route, you should definitely hire him. He is fun but completely professional. Sometimes I find that the DJ seems to be attempting to use his wedding gigs to jumpstart his stand-up comedy career. And then there are the opposite DJs who just play the music and never really direct, lead or introduce. Randal always seems to do such a great job of guiding the reception but not trying to run it – and his control board is obviously the coolest!


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