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Chad & Kim | Jonathon Link Studios | Dallas Wedding Videographer

Dallas Wedding Cinematographer, Dallas Wedding Films, Dallas Wedding Videographer, Dallas Wedding Videography, Fort Worth Wedding Cinematographer, Fort Worth Wedding Films, Fort Worth Wedding Videographer, Fort Worth Wedding VideographyChad and Kim were our Wish Upon a Wedding auction winners and we were excited our winning wedding would be taking us to Houston. Jon and I have been down that way several times since moving to Texas but we’ve never had the chance to actually go into the city. My hair was all Bozo-the-clown all weekend due to the humidity but we had a great time.

One thing I really loved about Chad and Kim’s ceremony was that even though they said traditional vows they still memorized them. This was the first time I can recall a couple doing this at one of our weddings, and just memorizing those few sacred lines seemed to make them so much more meaningful. I would strongly encourage this to other couples – writing your own vows is great, but even if you don’t fancy yourself a Shakespeare just memorizing the traditional vows, instead of repeating them after your officiant, makes them more personal.

Chad and Kim’s reception was inside the atrium at Minute Maid Ballpark. Jon and I are admittedly clueless when it comes to sports (unless you consider editing a “sport” – which it sometimes feels like it is) so when Kim first gave me some of her wedding details, Minute Maid Ballpark could have been a little league field for all I knew. It wasn’t until I finally Googled their venue to get some visuals for our preparation that I realized “Hello Kristin! This is legit!” Kim started the party off right with a surprise flash mob for Chad and the crazy dancing was pretty much constant after that.

Chad and Kim also “won” their photographers through the Wish Upon a Wedding auction. The team from Arken Studios came all the way from California and they were great to work with.


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