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Brian & Alice Ann | Jonathon Link Studios | Dallas Wedding Videographer

Dallas Wedding Cinematographer, Dallas Wedding Films, Dallas Wedding Videographer, Dallas Wedding Videography, Fort Worth Wedding Cinematographer, Fort Worth Wedding Films, Fort Worth Wedding Videographer, Fort Worth Wedding VideographyAlice Ann and Brian were another couple whose wedding I knew I really wanted to do following our initial consultation. Not only are they so cute together and super sweet, but I could see the mutual respect they have for one another and the seriousness with which they were approaching their wedding day and marriage. I am so thankful every time we get to film weddings for couples like this, because I know they are going to have marriages that others will look at and say “I want that.”

We started off at Brook Hollow Country Club, where we would later return for their reception. When we arrived the girls were all watching ‘Father of the Bride’ – one of my favorites. It was hard not to get glued to the screen. They also shared a few giggles flipping though Alice Ann’s parents’ wedding album. It was fun to hear Alice Ann’s mom talking about how different wedding photography was at that time – no flash drives full of hundreds of images; just a dozen or so carefully selected images for a nice album. Even though hairstyles and clothing styles change, it was a great visual of just what an important time piece a wedding album is.

Many of Brian’s groomsmen attended school with him at the Cistercian Abbey, where Brian and Alice Ann’s ceremony was held, so they spent the first part of the day just sitting around the table sharing memories of school. Then it was time to try to figure out their bow ties, which was a little tricky without mirrors. Luckily there were a few pros in the group.

Brian and Alice Ann did a first look before the ceremony but I just loved Brian’s face when Alice Ann walked down the aisle. There were so many beautiful elements to their ceremony – the floral was gorgeous, the singing was beautiful and the entire bridal party standing in front of the abbey just looked so graceful and classic.

I can’t wait to share the highlight from their reception. Not only is Brook Hollow a beautiful space but we finally had a chance to see Emerald City Band in action and they were every bit the fun time we’ve heard they are. The dancing was nonstop! Former President George Bush also happened to be at the club that evening and he was kind enough to chat with Brian and Alice Ann for a minute and pose for a photo (oh, don’t worry – we were sure to sneak and get that as well 🙂 )


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