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UPDATE – Travis: A Soldier’s Story

Travis Mills


Wow. Just two weeks after launching, we have already reached almost 90% of our original funding goal. This is just simply amazing to us and has exceeded any expectations we had. We are so grateful for the outpouring of support towards this film. Initially I don’t think we expected to receive the level of donations we have over the last few weeks. We wanted to launch before Christmas but we knew – understandably – everyone is SOOOOO busy trying to shop, wrap, bake, travel and visit between Christmas and New Years, we were a little timid about asking people to pay attention and donate to a film project. We figured we’d wait on tooting horns about it until after New Years. The response to Travis’s story has been incredible – including so much going on behind the scenes and some exciting possibilities popping up later next week we’ll share more about as they continue to develop.

We’d like to thank anyone who has made a donation towards this project. If you are still interested in making a donation, donations will be accepted through January 19th. You can also make changes to existing donations if you happen to discover “Santa” didn’t reach into your bank account as much as you thought he was going to. Donations start at just $1 and you can also get some fun gifts. Giving will stay open for two more weeks, even once our original goal is met, and ALL donations go directly towards the film’s production. We want to do everything we can and exhaust all resources we have to make this film the best we can. Donations can be made by visiting the Kickstarter link above, right below the photo. You can also read more about the project and our goals with this funding. We also really want to emphasize that even if you’re short on funds, your encouragement, prayers, and sharing this project with others mean just as much to us!

For Jon and I, Travis’s Kickstarter project has really been the one thing that has helped us survive this holiday season. We had two weddings right after Christmas and lots of catching-up on editing to do, so we weren’t able to go home to Wisconsin for Christmas this year. But in the midst of late nights and early mornings, it has been so encouraging to see the support and kind words Travis’s story has received. There is such an amazing community out there all rallying around Travis and his family and it is so neat to see how they have welcomed us in and shown us the same support.

We’d also sincerely like to thank our clients and their families. We’ve had the opportunity to be a part of some amazing weddings this fall and they have all graciously been extremely patient on their previews as we abruptly flew out to NC to film Travis’s story, organized his project and prepped for a last-minute Kickstarter launch. There are lots of happy tears, gorgeous ceremonies and funny dancing about to flood the blog and we can’t wait to share!



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